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Mr. Sumanth, an owner of a prefabrication-based infra company, was looking for a weekend getaway for his family of 5 members (wife, daughter, son, and a pet Rambo – the German Shepherd). His family members were interested in eco-farming and owning a space away from the hectic city life. They searched several farmland projects around Bengaluru and finally visited Woodstork Hills. They all unanimously liked the way the farmland project is carved by the promoters, Kshethra Lifespaces. Sumanth’s family purchased Villa Number 75, a quarter acre (11 Guntas) of farmland in Woodstork Hills in January 2022.

Sumanth was very happy with the manner the European-styled and pet-friendly project was designed by Kshethra Lifespaces ably managed by an amazing partner duo of a prolific Investment Banker & Chartered Accountant and a professional Architect. He was pleased with the immediate water and electricity connections and opted for the underground septic pit-based drainage system. Through his prefabrication firm, he constructed a 2-bedroom villa within 45 days. For more than a year, his family has been regularly staying in the villa during weekends.

Apart from using it as a weekend home, Sumanth’s family also rented the villa with the help of Kshethra Lifespaces. He was impressed with their professional management of the cottages and their ability to help customers generate revenue. He expressed his joy by saying “one thing that really impressed us about Woodstork Hills is the overall attention to detail. From the design of the landscaping with pathways and floral gardens to common amenities like Festyland (Children Play Area), Wonka (Children Indoor Activities), Duck Farm, Dynamo Corner (Open Gym), Banco Dels (Garden Benches), Bookish Beauties (Library), Organic Vegetable Garden, and everything has been thoughtfully planned and executed.”

Sumanth has carefully selected a total of 70 trees (40 fruit-bearing trees and 30 teakwood trees). Kshethra Lifespaces expertly planted the chosen trees and has been consistently maintaining them to ensure their healthy growth. Other facilities include Hill Viewpoint, Bel Air (Hill Dining), Tranquil Height (Hill Yoga Deck), Healthy Snack Bar, Healthy Juice Bar, Bellissimo (Club House), and House Stay at Blue Bellagio.

Sumanth’s family is enjoying all their weekends within the lush greenery of the adjacent lake decked with a floral garden, Work from Farm (Free WiFi), Nightwish Pond (Water Pond), Olive Garden (Cafeteria), Organic Kitchen, Zoo Berlin (Petting Zoo), Cone Alsos (Amphitheatre), Nature Selfie Corners, and Water Fountain at Woodstork Hills. He shared his opinion saying “We also love the community aspect of the project. It’s great to be surrounded by like-minded people who share our love for nature and eco-farming. It’s a very supportive and friendly community.”

As a happy customer, Sumanth referred the project to a few of his friends and family members. He shared about the strategic location of the project by saying “It is very well-connected with Kandikonda Check Post on Bengaluru – Hyderabad NH7. Despite being located away from the city, we have easy access to all the necessary facilities like hospitals, schools, and shopping centers.”

Sumanth expressed his satisfaction by saying, “We were looking for a space away from the city, and Woodstork Hills has become the perfect place for us to unwind and rejuvenate with family and friends. The project’s design and management are top-notch, and we are very happy with the way all features are planned and executed. The management of the cottage rental is very professional, and we are generating revenue from it. We highly recommend Woodstork Hills to anyone looking for a weekend getaway.”

The security measures at Woodstork Hills are also very reassuring. The project is gated, and there are guards on duty round-the-clock. All the customers feel very safe and secure at Woodstork Hills. Woodstork Hills has enabled 125 other families like that of Sumanth’s to enjoy their weekends, avail work from the farm facility, enjoy pure nature, and countryside living. Some of the amazing amenities comprise Glamping Tents, Camp Liza (Fireplace), Rosemary (Medicinal and Herbal Garden), Convenience Store, Doctor on Call, Emergency Medical Kits, etc.

Sumanth finally concluded by saying, “I have to say that the customer service at Woodstork Hills is outstanding. From the initial inquiry to the post-sales support, the team has been very responsive and helpful. It’s been a pleasure to interact with them.”

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