Kshethra Lifespaces

Mr. Hemanth

Head of Operations

Mr. Hemanth oversees all aspects of project management. With a Bachelor’s degree in Technology (Information Technology) from JTNU, he brings a strong technical foundation to his role. With 11 years of experience in the real estate domain, he possesses extensive knowledge in the field.

Hemanth plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations, manages legal and documentation requirements, and coordinates with stakeholders. He has been associated with Kshethra Lifespaces since its inception. He demonstrates exceptional problem-solving skills, effective communication, and liaisoning skills. His expertise in project planning, execution, and stakeholder engagement allows him to deliver projects on time and within budget. He is considered the go-and-getter for all tasks in the Kshethra Lifespaces.

Ms. Pushpa

Head of Accounts & Treasury

Ms. Pushpa takes care of all finance and accounting operations at Kshethra Lifespaces. She has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and has two and half decades of extensive experience in managing payments, finalizing accounts, conducting procurement activities, and ensuring regulatory compliance.
She excels in fostering team coordination, enabling smooth collaboration among members. Alongside her round-the-clock availability, she effortlessly handles multiple stakeholders and tasks, exhibiting a positive attitude even in the face of complex schedules.

Mr. Jayadeep

President - Sales

Mr. Jayadeep possesses extensive expertise in closing sales and excels in negotiations. With a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Marketing) and 11 years of experience in the real estate sector, he consistently delivers outstanding results with a strategic sales approach.

Jayadeep effectively communicates the value and benefits of farmlands, presenting compelling propositions to customers. His strong persuasive skills have contributed to closing deals successfully. He engages customers through post-sales processes ensuring the highest customer satisfaction. Many times, he has provided valuable inputs to better the offering of the product. He has conducted offline events for promoting Kshethra products.

Mr. Sikandhar

Vice President - Sales

Mr. Sikandhar brings a wealth of experience. He has completed Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Master’s degree in Business Administration and has 12 years of experience in the real estate industry. Sikandhar's exceptional sales and promotional skills have made a significant impact on Kshethra Lifespaces.
He possesses a unique ability to establish strong customer relationships, while his negotiation skills and strategic thinking consistently exceed expectations in closing deals. His experience in marketing and promotions has successfully expanded the company's customer base, utilizing effective strategies. He possesses the highest level of customer support by providing hassle-free doorstep services for customers.