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Welcome to West Woods, a farmland project by Kshethra Lifespaces draped in European charm. Spread across 50 pristine acres in Chevella, this idyllic retreat offers a blend of rustic serenity and modern conveniences. Own farmland and enjoy amenities for weekend relaxation and work, with organic fruit and vegetable plantations, flexible unit sizes, and holistic farm infrastructure. Located in a strategic investment zone, West Woods presents an attractive opportunity for long-term gains and a fulfilling farm life.

Experience the enchanting world of West Woods which offers a tranquil escape from city life. Whether you seek a weekend retreat or a larger farming plot, our flexible unit sizes, ranging in multiples of 5 Guntas, cater to your needs. With amenities for both relaxation and work, and a holistic farm infrastructure, West Woods ensures a seamless and rewarding farming journey.

Discover the potential for growth and prosperity at West Woods, strategically located in a designated investment zone. This promising opportunity combines the pleasures of farm life with the prospects of strategic investment. Whether you are an experienced investor or new to farmland investments, West Woods offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and financial security. Embrace the tranquility and abundance of West Woods, and unlock the joys of farming while securing your future.



Revenue Mandal:








Total Land:

50 Acres

No. of Farm Units:



European Styled Farmlands

At West Woods, we provide comprehensive support for your farming journey, including plantation assistance and farmhouse sourcing. Our expert team will guide you throughout your stay at farmlands. We also help you find the perfect farmhouse, offering modern amenities and a cozy ambiance, while providing rental and managed services to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Our farmhouse sourcing services help you find a comfortable retreat amidst nature, while our rental and managed services take care of marketing, maintenance, and management, giving you peace of mind. Enjoy the beauty of your farmland while we handle the details to make your experience truly fulfilling.

Welcome to the West Woods project, a captivating farmland development that offers a multitude of amenities elegantly categorized under different clubs.

What makes us SPECIAL

Club Medley:

Experience the ultimate in leisure and relaxation at Club Medley, where a delightful medley of open lounges, decks, and facilities await your indulgence:

Work from Farm spaces

Enclosed Lounges

Skyview Lounges

Open Deck


Outdoor Fun Games

Kids’ Indoor Games

What makes us SPECIAL

Brooklyn Club

Welcome to the Brooklyn Club, where a diverse range of sports-related facilities awaits, providing a haven for enthusiasts to engage in their favorite athletic pursuits:

Open Gym

Multi-Sports Turf

Kids Play Area

What makes us SPECIAL

Western Club:

Step into the Western Club, a haven abundant with diverse facilities tailored to meet your every need for relaxation and entertainment, ensuring a truly fulfilling and enjoyable experience for all:

Swimming Pool


Party House


BBQ Counter

Bar Counter

Roman Style Fountains

Open Air Theatre

What makes us SPECIAL

Green Wood Nature Club:

Discover the Green Wood Nature Club, where nature and community seamlessly combine, offering a diverse range of arrangements to prioritize the comfort and well-being of all members:

Petting Zoo

Yoga Deck

Fruit Garden


Work from Nature

Miyazaki Forest Walk

Community Kitchen/Dining

Organic Vegetable

Recreation with Duck Pond

Facilities for each Farm Unit

Indulge in a thoughtfully curated collection of exclusive amenities, tailored to cater to the unique preferences of each farm plot/unit owner, enabling a delightful and enriching experience at every corner:

Common Amenities

Experience the epitome of luxury and convenience at West Woods, where an exceptional array of common amenities awaits, creating a vibrant and inclusive community for all residents to enjoy:

Locational Connectivity

Benefit from unparalleled locational connectivity at West Woods, as it stands near many prominent places ensuring convenient access to a range of essential amenities and attractions:


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