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Woodstork Hills

Welcome to our exclusive gated community, where you can embrace the charm of owning your very own farmhouse while reveling in vibrant community life. Here, you will discover a plethora of engaging activities, enriching experiences, and an array of top-notch amenities. This haven serves as an ideal second home, ensuring that future generations continue to flourish. Some customers made it first home too.

Woodstork Hills is a place where we have dedicated ourselves to maintaining farmlands, ensuring that you can relish the enchantment of residing in a countryside setting. The architectural style, amenities, and nomenclature employed reflect a European influence that we have embraced.

After years of relentless effort and careful planning, our aspirations have materialized into a vast expanse of managed farmland project adorned with vibrant greenery, organic gardens, and mature plantations, to invoke a rustic ambiance. This unique parcel of land cannot be found elsewhere; it harmoniously coexists with unspoiled nature while conveniently located near the airport, highway, and burgeoning development projects. Truly, it is a gift bestowed upon us by Mother Nature herself, enabling us to bring this vision to life for your enjoyment.



Revenue Mandal:



Satya Sai


Andhra Pradesh



Total Land:

32 Acres

No. of Farm Units:



European Styled Farmlands

Beyond its allure as a personal retreat, this remarkable investment boasts a strategic location near thriving development areas, major highways, and the airport. Its European-inspired architecture adds a touch of elegance, making it a coveted tourism hub. Moreover, rest assured that even during challenging times, such as a pandemic, this farmland project remains a secure and sheltered destination.

Come, discover, and experience the epitome of luxury living, where the joys of owning a private farmhouse intertwined seamlessly with a vibrant community lifestyle. Experience the perfect blend of tranquility, convenience, and endless possibilities in our prestigious community.

What makes us SPECIAL

Plethora of Places in the Project

The European-inspired managed farmland amenities at Woodstork Hills enhance the overall ambiance of the community, creating a captivating atmosphere:

Festyland (Children's Outdoor Play Area)

Stay @ Blue Bellagio (Model House)

Wonka (Children's Indoor Activities)

Dynamo Corner (Open Gym)

Bookish Beauties (Library)

Olive Garden (European Cafeteria)

Cone Alsos (Open Air Theatre)

Rosemary (Medicinal / Herbal Garden)

Bel Air (Hill Dining)

Banco Dels (Garden Benches)

Tranquil Height (Hill Yoga Deck)

Nightwish Pond (Water Pond)

Camp Liza (Fireplace)

Zoo Berlin (Petting Zoo)

Bellissimo (Club House)

Monet's Garden (Flower Garden)

Highlights of the Project

At Woodstork Hills, you will discover meticulously crafted highlights that elevate it to truly world-class status:

Facilities to Enhance Comfort

Woodstork Hills is decked with facilities such as:

Exclusive Place. Exquisite Exploration.

We have developed exclusive places within Woodstork for Bird Watching, Local Puppet Shows, Movie Screening, and Hill Star Gazing. We host private programs such as Farming Workshops, Plantation Drives by Kids, Tours to explore Village Tourism, Community Cooking events, and Musical Campfire programs. We have a facility for an Open Jeep Tour to see all places of the project.

What makes us SPECIAL

Plantation to preserve pristine nature

Woodstork Hills is graced with plentiful green expanses, and picturesque landscapes that include the following features:

Ornamental Plantations

Shaded Tree Plantations

Organic Vegetable Beds

Fruit Plantations

Flower Plantations

What makes us SPECIAL

Facilities for each Farm Unit

Indulge in an array of exclusive amenities offered to every individual owner of a farm plot/unit, ensuring a delightful, and fulfilling experience:

European Gate

Rustic Fencing with Creepers

Water Connection for General Usage

Electricity Connection

Water Line with Drip Irrigation for plants

Plantation Assistance by an In-House Agronomist


European Street Names

In Woodstork Hills, the streets are adorned with a charming array of European-inspired names, adding a touch of elegance to the project:


Common Features

Discover the multitude of common features that enrich the farmland project, offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty, modern amenities, and a sense of community:


Experience the advantage of the prime location at Woodstork Hills, with an array of prominent establishments, and attractions conveniently situated in the vicinity of this exceptional project:


Seamless locational connectivity awaits you at Woodstork Hills, as it is strategically positioned with easy access to a multitude of destinations:


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