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Kshethra Farms

Come let us stretch our wings to build a SERENE World!

Kshethra Farms are modern abodes of serenity. At all our farmland projects, we aim to merge our expertise to create an everlasting paradise exclusively for you. With our profound understanding of the art of nurturing farmlands, we ensure the highest quality of life and bountiful green spaces. Our team of skilled architects excels in designing optimal spaces and enhancing natural beauty. Our finance experts skillfully manage the business aspects of investment, and value appreciation.

Nurturing Roots and Uniting Families

Our projects serve as timeless curated farmlands, offering an enduring refuge and endless rewards for families, couples, individuals, and all those seeking a distinctive and everlasting retreat who own farmlands in our projects. 

Proximity to Health and Wealth!

We endeavor to create distinctive projects focused on selling farmlands, designed with the vision to enhance both personal well-being and financial prosperity.

From monotony
to myriad merry moments!

Are you vexed with the hubbub and busyness of daily life? We aim to assist you to come out of the monotony. Own farmlands at Kshethra Farms, and get de-stress at serene sanctuaries, relax, unwind, and connect with nature.

We are the custodians
of Pristine Nature!

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Own a weekend home in the Serenity!

Escape the pollution and commotion of the city by investing in our Leisure Lands, where you can find tranquility and relaxation. Enjoy your weekends in our vacation abodes, allowing yourself to unwind and recharge.

Picturesque locales for umpteen happiness

These fertile lands are a visual delight, offering a serene escape where you can own, relax, commune with nature, and work in tranquility. Moreover, they are conveniently located near modern amenities as well.

Amazing appreciation of Land Value

As one of our top priorities, we ensure that the land we acquire is encompassed by robust infrastructural advancements, leading to appreciating land values and greater returns on your investments.

Green Guardians, Environmentally Secure

To mitigate environmental degradation, preserve land productivity, and ensure the sustainability of family farms and rural communities, we strictly adhere to sustainable practices.

Unwavering Ethics leading us to Excellence

Our business model strictly adheres to standard operating procedures and management principles. We prioritize transparency in all our transactions, with the consumer being our utmost priority.

Effectively managed farmland property

We assume the responsibility of managing the farmlands purchased and owned by customers for effective upkeep, safety, and security, safeguarding them against trespassers.


Welcome to Kshethra Farms, where our unique proposition is simple yet powerful: "You own. We Manage."

Why Kshethra

At Kshethra Farms, we specialize in developing feature-rich farmland projects that surpass expectations. We pride ourselves on delivering what we promise. Our projects boast excellent connectivity, with all locations conveniently accessible within a 1-hour drive from nearby cities.

Years of

Situated in promising growth corridors within the vicinity of IT and Industrial zones, our projects offer immense investment potential. Our managed farmlands not only provide a peaceful retreat but also promise a significant increase in land value. With effective management, we ensure hassle-free usage of tranquil farmsteads. Owners have the freedom to develop their farmhouses, enjoy rejuvenating staycations, rent out cottages, practice farming, and generate sustainable revenues.

The Kshethra Farms’ logo incorporates intertwined circles at three different levels, representing the core qualities of security, continuity, and protection.
The rising sun, adorned with Saffron and two variants of yellow colors, signifies our mission to bring light and serenity into the world.


The saffron color embodies strength and courage, while the two shades of yellow symbolize positive emotions such as joy, happiness, confidence, curiosity, and hope. The blue and yellow stripes and arcs personify our commitment to vigilance, perseverance, and integrity. Overall, the Kshethra Farms’ insignia embodies our focus on making customers own lifestyle farmlands that inspire a sense of tranquility and prosperity.




Kshethra Farms’ vision is to develop the finest farmlands, and enable customers to own them as weekend gateways, ensuring exceptional returns through value creation, hassle-free management of farmlands, and surpassing client expectations

A Mission of a better future
through good food

Our mission is to create managed farmlands where people can own them, stay, unwind, reconnect with nature, and experience the joys of unique farmland offerings. To actualize our long-term outlook, we adopt the following mission objectives:

We prioritize building strong relationships with our customers, ensuring their satisfaction and delight throughout their journey with us.

We provide comprehensive and hassle-free maintenance support, allowing our clients to enjoy their farmland properties without any worries or inconvenience.

We strive to enhance the value of our farmland projects, ensuring remarkable land appreciation and long-term investment benefits for our clients.

We develop our projects with themed infrastructure and amenities, meticulously designed to create a captivating and immersive experience for our customers.

Each of our projects is centered on distinctive core themes such as European, Bohemian, Balinese, etc., offering a truly one-of-a-kind experience and setting us apart in the industry

We provide opportunities for our clients to generate sustainable revenues through their farmlands, allowing them to unlock the full potential of their investment while enjoying the serenity and prosperity of their properties.